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This day in age, we understand that people have busy schedules. It is not always possible to be present for routine maintenance and service calls at our homes. Pink Flamingo Home Watch can help! We will be available to answer alarms or let in repairmen, housekeeping, or any scheduled appointment on an on-going basis. We keep keys in a secure location, and they are coded to protect our clients’ information. Whether you’re a full-time resident, a snowbird or an investment or rental homeowner, our Keyholder Services can help you tremendously!

Pink Flamingo Home Watch Keyholder Service is safe, secure and affordable. Our Keyholder service is a way to have your key available in case of an emergency, or just simply need us to allow guided access for any situation you need.

Our Keyholder Service is available for a monthly fee.

CONTACT US for more information.

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