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Is your property ready for an approaching hurricane or storm? Are you sure? Why risk it? We’re experts in knowing what it takes to help ready your home for a major natural disaster.

Don’t take the risk of not being prepared from storms or hurricanes! Do you currently have an Action Plan for when you are away from your home?

This is where Home Watch of Florida comes in. We are here to help. We will evaluate your home prior to any oncoming storms. We will then put into place an Action Plan specifically designed for your home’s needs.

We take before and after photos of the exterior and interior of the property, which helps in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to insurance claims.


Pink Flamingo Home Watch is at your service providing pre and post storm services. We are here to answer any questions, doubts or worries associated with storms. Once we’ve met with you to customize a storm plan, our team will go to work for you as soon as a major storm has been forecast. We will immediately schedule your home for a pre-storm visit that will include:

  • Moving outdoor furniture to a re-designated area
  • Storing potted plants
  • Installing storm shutters
  • Email or phone documentation of our visit
  • Inspecting your property for ornaments or decorations that should be stored.
  • Taking pre-storm pictures
  • Securing of the home

More Information about our Storm Services…

Post-storm, Pink Flamingo Home Watch will be at your home after it is safe to travel. We will do a cursory inspection of your home for any damage and report to you immediately. Should there be any damage, we will take pictures and help coordinate any inspections by your insurance company. Once the storm has passed, we will take down the storm shutters and place everything back where it was. Let Pink Flamingo Home Watch ease your mind and give you confidence that all that could be done was done.


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